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While you are driving, your vehicle creates harmful gases. The gases produced include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, lead and other metals. The system turns these gases into less damaging for the environment before discharging them.

These are the main components of every exhaust system:
  • Muffler – its main purpose to reduce the noise the engine is making. A muffler might use sound-absorbing materials of baffled chambers to quieten the noise
  • Resonator – you could describe this as a miniature muffler. Resonators are next to mufflers in the exhaust system and these pipes use sound-absorbing materials to assist in reducing the noise.
  • Exhaust manifold – a manifold is usually made of cast iron and its task is to transfer the gases from the engine’s combustion chambers to the exhaust pipes
  • Exhaust tail pipe – this component drives the gases away from the vehicle. A chrome tip or another decoration for this component can contribute to the overall vehicle’s appearance
At Warners Tyre & Mechanical, we can diagnose your exhaust system and look for leaks, wear and tear, and damage. Our experts estimate whether you need repair or replacement. In the case of the latter, we provide top-quality components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an optimised exhaust system?
The benefits of an exhaust system performing at its peak include lowering the temperature of your exhaust system and reducing the sounds made by the internal combustion engines. Additionally, it controls the vehicle’s emissions, which can reduce the carbon footprint.
What is the role of a catalytic converter in an exhaust system?
The task of a catalytic converter is to control harmful emissions from the exhaust. The converter uses metals and heat as catalysts to ensure your vehicle does less damage to the environment.
How do I know if I need to service my exhaust system?
If you hear loud noises from your car exhaust, the problem might be with your muffler or exhaust system. Don’t hesitate to call Warners Bay Tyre & Mechanical to diagnose and fix the issue quickly!