LPG in Warners Bay



Convert to LPG and Save

Would you like to reduce your car’s emission of carbon dioxide and make it friendlier to the environment? Are you looking for a way to reduce your fuel spending? Then you may want to consider converting your vehicle to LPG.

The abbreviation LPG stands for liquified petroleum gas that has a similar energy content to petrol. That is what makes it a viable alternative to use as fuel in cars and vehicles, and it is also why people often call LPG an autogas.

At Warners Bay Tyre & Mechanical, we can guide you through the entire process. We will start by recommending the best equipment for your make and model. From there, our expert technicians take over to make sure the installation goes flawlessly.

Our trained and experienced staff can also help if your LPG conversion kit needs repair or servicing. We provide inspection reports for LPG vehicles to confirm that everything works smoothly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to convert your car to LPG, or your current conversion system requires work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my vehicle suitable for LPG conversion?
The majority of cars and light commercial vehicles are suitable for LPG conversions. However, please give us a call to confirm the suitability and discuss your requirements.
Is LPG safe to use in vehicles
Yes, LPG is safe to use in vehicles as long as you make sure the equipment meets Australian standards. You should also ensure that your LPG installation passes all the necessary inspections.
Is LPG better for the environment than unleaded petrol?
The experts indicate that LPG contains less CO2 (carbon dioxide), which makes it better for the environment. The estimation is that you can have up to 80% cleaner emissions with LPG.